High School Success Funds

High School Success Funds
In 2016, Oregon voters passed Measure 98, now known as High School Success. The Measure designated funds to be spent in three main “buckets” of Career Technical Education (CTE), Drop-Out Prevention, and College and Career Readiness. Also, the following sub-categories must be satisfied: professional learning, direct student services, family engagement, community partnerships, equipment and materials, curriculum, and staff salaries and stipends. Each school receiving funds must spend the money in all three areas. The Oregon Department of Education approves expenditures.
At Cascade High School, these funds have taken some of our programs to another level. 15 % of the funds are allocated to Cascade Junior High School for career readiness and support.

The funds transformed the Career and Technical Education programs at Cascade. Equipment was prohibitively expensive, and for years, funding was inadequate to train students on industry and professional equipment. Now students have the latest equipment to use.

Cascade also installed the first Health Occupations Lab in the state. The program offers hands-on opportunities for students interested in pursuing various health occupations.

These funds also support the agriculture and culinary programs.

These upgrades to our CTE programs have also benefited younger students in the district. Elementary students have been able to come to the high school campus and take manufacturing classes, woods classes, and cooking classes. Junior students could participate in a CTE camp.

The High School Success Funds are used for drop-out prevention. Lisa Iverson organized the Outside Cascade program to provide monthly activities and experiential education to high school students. The high school now offers after-school tutoring to help students with any academic needs. The money also goes towards clubs and special one-of-a-kind events.

Cascade uses the High School Success Funds for its Cascade Cares program. Sometimes kids need shoes, clothes, a haircut, shampoo, and other things. The school can fulfill these basic needs and let students know someone cares.

The High School Success Funds are used for college and career readiness. Cascade High has a robust AVID program where students explore college options and career opportunities. AVID students volunteer in their community, learn how to apply for scholarships, practice job interview skills, and prepare for life after high school.

The funds have also impacted Cascade Junior High. Junior high students can take the AVID elective to learn about future opportunities, colleges, career readiness, organizational tools, community involvement, and more. The funds also paid for a Career Explorations Lab at Cascade Junior High so students can explore different career paths by engaging in hands-on activities.

The goal is to continue using these funds to build and expand the programs that are in place. Other goals include integrating college and career readiness into every discipline; building industry and business partnerships; exploring mentor options; and more.

For more information about the High School Success Funds, please see the brochure below or contact High School Success Administrator, Lisa Iverson.

High School Success Funds Brochure