Veterans Appreciation Luncheon

Veterans Appreciation Luncheon
On November 13th, Cascade High School held its first Veterans Appreciation luncheon. We had 15 current and former military members visit our school. They were greeted by the high school band and welcomed by our staff members.

These veterans were split among five different classrooms to speak with our students. First, second and third period social studies classes got to meet with the veterans.

It was a unique experience because it was small groups speaking with the veterans which led to a more intimate setting and gave our students and visitors a chance for conversation. Veterans didn’t have the pressure of speaking to a large group. Students got the chance to ask any questions or discuss topics that were of interest to them. Students also got to hear from multiple military members and had a chance to compare different experiences.

After third period, the veterans and high school staff enjoyed a meal together in the cafeteria. Our manufacturing classes made beautiful metal flags to give to each of our guests.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible including the following people:

Ursula Bischoff- Mother of a student who works for the National Guard. She got vets to come, will arrange for a helicopter to land, and had a photographer come out. Huge help

Mike Sowles- Veteran who directs the American Legion in Stayton- got other vets to come out and came himself

Lisa Iverson- organized the lunch, the decorations, the student ambassadors, and so much else. Couldn't have done this without her

John Iverson- his class made the metallic gifts for the vets

Dawn Brandtjen- her class made the cookies for the vets.

Alexandria Greenwell- organized the band welcome for the vets

Justin Lowder- helped with veteran outreach, parking, and other chores-Huge help

Tom Ptacek- helped with veteran parking

Tim Ganfield, Tyler Woodrall, Matt Thatcher- helped jump through admin hoops, get permission for a helicopter to land, parking, and guidance

David Schletty, David Medlock, Matt McBeth, Deb Bellmore- all these Social Studies teachers gave up a 1/2 day of instruction for this to happen, as well as reorganizing their rooms.

Tina and Robin in the front office helping put out fires and guide vets to where they should be.

It was a wonderful event and one we hope to make even bigger in the years to come.