Principal's Update

Principal's Update
Good morning Cascade families,

As I am sure you know, we only have a few days left in this school year. Once again, I want to say how grateful I am for your partnership. When we first left school in early March, I had no idea we would not see your students again for the rest of the school year. This has been the most difficult part. We really value the relationships with students and families and believe this is one of the things that makes Cascade High School so successful. I am very hopeful that we will be able to see much more of each other in the fall!

For those students who will pass all of their current classes, congratulations! I know this way of doing school was not ideal, and I appreciate your ability to overcome many obstacles.

For those that still need to do a little more work, don’t stop just yet! Take the next few days and do whatever it takes to get enough done to pass. A little more work now and over the weekend, will save you a ton of time and energy later.

For those students who will not pass a course or two in time, please do not lose heart. You will get an incomplete, but we will work with you throughoutthe month of June to finish up. We will work with you to fix this incomplete next school year if necessary. However, I strongly encourage you to finish up this summer. We will be in touch with you next week with more details.

Freshman families – please read the following very closely:

We are required to make sure that all freshmen complete the school year (which includes all of June) with at least 6 total credits. This means that if your student failed 3 or more courses anytime since we started in the fall, we MUST enroll them in summer school to get at least those 6 credits.

Summer school begins Thursday, June 11, and runs from 8 AM to 12 PM each day. Summer school will be in person (small groups) on the Cascade High School campus. The last day will be Friday, July 3. Most likely your student will be done long before July 3 if they work diligently with our summer school teachers.

We will be reaching out to each of the freshman families that need to make up these credits next week. But if you want to get a head start on enrolling for summer school contact your freshman counselor at

So whether this summer or next fall, I look forward to seeing you soon!

Matt Thatcher