Outside Cascade

Outside Cascade
Outside Cascade is open to all students attending Cascade High School! We believe in kids doing and getting “out there” engaged in healthy experiential learning! Fees may apply, but scholarships are available. Contact Mrs. Iverson for more information.

Here is our schedule for the 2019-2020 school year

November 21st - Create a Memory-a variety of art projects to choose from you can give for the holidays!

December 12th - Dashing Through the Snow, Pentacle Theatre Production Salem (limited 25 tickets).

January 10th -  Roller skating at the Hoop

January 29th - Trailblazers versus Rockets

February 8th - Dear Evan Hansen at the Keller Auditorium in Portland (limited 25 tickets)

February - Asian Cultural Festival in Eugene, OR

March 13 - Hoodoo Ski and Snowboard Day

March 14th - Silver Falls Hike (Hiking, BBQ, and fun!)

April 18 & 19 - Oregon Caves overnight

June 6 & 7 - Camp Dakota Camping trip overnight